Meridian Tapping Therapy

... improve your health and athletic performance !


I coach using "Meridian Tapping" for business, health, and sports performance.

Contact me now and I will help you improve your health and performance.
Tapping on meridian points is a painless technique without drugs or gimmick products.

...... I can help you resolve performance anxiety, fear, and phobias.
..... I can help you improve your school or work performance, attract abundance.
... Meridian tapping is a form of acupressure on acupuncture meridians that is self applied by tapping on the meridian.

... get help for all sports plus business and personal performance,
including emotional and physical health issues:

Improve your overall performance and health with:

"Meridian Tapping"

This is a self applied protocol.

The techniques neutralize negative emotions which block your potential to succeed and perform.



I can come to your home, business, or club to teach you "Meridian Tapping".
(within 25 miles of usa zipcode 02769)

... reduced rates for students, seniors and groups.

I have used Meridian Tapping world wide over the phone.

or e-mail me:*

Bruce Graham is a Meridian Tapping Coach for Business, Sports, and Performance issues.

The cost is $75.00 per individual 1 hour session
$40.00 each for two people $30.00 each for three
and $25.00 for four participants.

Call me at 1-508-644-8464

This technique is remarkable in eliminating many problems almost instantly, scroll down to view books available.

. .. to make an appointment contact:
Bruce Graham
Sports Performance Consultant and Coach

Helping you find your optimum physical and mental balance to improve your daily living and performance.

All consultations are 100% confidential.

*Bruce Graham is not a medical doctor, therapist or makes any claims to diagnosing medical problems. His role as an sports performance coach is to help you identify your own problems and suggest known remedies that you can apply to your daily living issues. If you have medical issues they should always be discussed with your medical doctor first.


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